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National Homeowner-Landlord Association

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Payment Assist Program

In NHLA’S continued effort to provide added value to its membership, NHLA is proud to offer its Rent Collection Assistance Program to help you collect your rent and make you a “professional landlord”. Here’s how it works -

    1. Immediately after you join NHLA, a letter is sent to your tenant/tenants (at your request) advising them of your NHLA membership. Your tenants are made aware of our landlord support services and are given an opportunity to share any recommendations on improving their experience as a tenant in your property. Your tenants are also introduced to our Pathway to Home Ownership Program, which will encourage them to be responsible with rent payments and place them on ACH debit for their rental payments. This makes your rent collection easier and increases your odds of collecting your rent on time and in full.

    2. Late rental payments at 7 days past the rent due date should be brought to the attention of NHLA immediately. Once we are notified, NHLA sends a letter reminding the tenant that you are an NHLA member and that the late payment has been reported to the credit agencies.

    3. For tenants with a lease, (especially new tenants), we recommend a 3 day notice at 21 days of nonpayment of rent. This will allow you to ascertain the credibility of your tenant and keep you ahead and poised for legal action if necessary.

    4. For tenants with a lease whom you would prefer leave, we recommend waiting until 60 days late on rent to start the non-payment case. This will increase your odds of removing the tenant and reduce their chances of making a payment and staying in the apartment. It will also avoid a more complicated and costly Hold Over case.

    5. Once a tenant is removed, NHLA can help with small claims cases, civil court cases and collections through our attorney referral program.