National Homeowner-Landlord Association -

National Homeowner-Landlord Association

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  • Tenant Screenings
    Our proven 9-part screening process, ensures
    your tenants are likely to be long term
    and low maintenance.
    We run credit and background checks
    as well as pay verification inquiries
    and provide tenant ratings.
    Based on this, maximum allowable rents
    and suggested security deposits
    are recommended.
  • Payment & Eviction Assist
    Rent Collection Assistance.
    Eviction Assistance that includes
    the issuance of a 7 day notice
    along with our demand letter
    informing your tenant that you are
    a member of our organization.

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Things to Know

What is a "Homeowner-Landlord"?

A Homeowner who who rents 1-5 apartments to support their income.

Why is a "Homeowner-Landlord" at Risk?

Whether you rent 1 apartment or 100 apartments, you are, like it or not, a “landlord”. You need to manage your tenants and protect your property.

Why do you need to be a part of our association?

Our mission is to provide the “Homeowner-Landlord” with the tools needed to protect your most valuable asset.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the “Homeowner-Landlord” with the tools they need to protect their most valuable possession.


Strength in Numbers

As our membership base grows, we will be able to have greater say over the rights that our members are entitled to as well as more effectively address the needs of our members..